Clock 1Here in America, we all know when to turn our clocks forward and back in the spring and fall. Spring forward…fall back…be sure to set the alarm correctly or waking will be confusing. That’s all well and good, keeps the daylight as long as possible in the winter and saves energy in the summer.  It keeps things interesting.

We practice the practical things and follow the rules, but when do we check our souls? Our ideas? Our faith? When do we take a moment to reset our soul clocks and try to understand the bigger picture? Welcome to Angel Moments, a place to explore angels, what they mean to us, and how they help us.

Angels, bookAngels. These celestial beings have played many different roles throughout history, all reflecting the time and mindset of society. The oldest bible stories tell of warriors and messengers. In the early 1900s images treated angels the way they treated St. Nicholas. A distinctively distinguished old man reaching out to bring a little joy to poor children became the jolly Christmas elf. Angles became chubby cherubs fluttering around on tiny wings and looking cute. A far cry from fearsome warriors and an even further cry from the messengers we all hope for.

bettany-and-gabrielWhere are our heads when it comes to angels these days? We’ve seen them in movies and on television as playful characters and vicious murderers, as distant lovers and desperate survivors. Artwork depicts angels with beautiful flowing hair wearing gowns and sporting massive snow white wings. Angels are shown crying and protecting, leading and following. They fight off the dark and guide the dead home. That’s a lot of jobs.

Angels talkingI personally have another theory. I believe very one of us has an angel or two all our own. We banter with them when making decisions, we negotiate when we want to do something we already know we shouldn’t, and we count on them to tell God what we desire and need and hope for. These companions sit close and are prepared for any situation, especially the ones we never see coming. For me, they stood, wings wrapped around me, as I listened to the breast cancer diagnosis. They told me jokes while I endured treatments. They soothed me through my fears and walked me to the other side of the disease. Beyond that, they have carried my dreams and hopes for my family and friends to God for me, interceding and most likely correcting my wishes to sound more like prayers. The angels beside me have opinions and I am trying my best to listen to them. They shield me from traffic accidents, household mishaps, and I try, I really try, to listen to them when I’m angry. Most times the words have already flown from my mouth before their advice registers, but I am trying. We all try.

I believe that angels let us make the mistakes to learn the lessons, but they also stand back with a gentle “Told you so” on their smiling lips. These are my most precious companions. I am careful to remind myself often of what it means to have such a gift. I reevaluate my beliefs twice each year when I turn the clocks back or forward. The bigger job is to respect other people’s angels.

Baseball-Glove-and-BatIt’s hard to deal with people, day in and day out. It’s difficult to keep the judgment behind and see only what’s in front of us. I’m a huge baseball fan. A failing pitcher takes me into a rant at times. “What is he doing? That batter has proven he will never swing at the low and inside pitch! Why is he pitching it?” There are a hundred reasons. He’s unable to throw the ball where he wants at the moment. The catcher is calling for that pitch. The manager intends for the pitcher to walk the batter. Lots and lots of reasons, all reasonable but my frustration seems to always win. The pitcher’s angel has it’s job and my angels have their job. I honestly do try, especially when I’m driving, watching sports, or dealing with the coming election. I imagine we were all born with patients. My poor guardian angels must deal with my inability to tap into that gift. They are the real champions in my life!

So again, welcome to ANGEL MOMENTS. My ideas will be here but I really want to hear your thoughts on angels, how they influence your life, and how you experience this amazing blessing.

wings 1

Eighteen-year-old orphan Gracie wants a normal life, but a shocking set of unexpected wings and a deadly war change everything.

THE ORPHANS, book one of The Lost Race trilogy. Coming November 2018!


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