american-flag-5I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been off kilter, perhaps out of beat, overly concerned, or maybe even frightened about what’s becoming of My America.

I have never been political, and have never voiced my opinions like this before. I don’t presume to tell others what to think or feel or believe. These are just my thoughts.

America has only been around 241 years, a relatively short time compared to other countries and governments on the planet. But My America began with a bang that set it apart from anywhere else. My America started because European people sought freedom of religion. The American Revolution was waged to provide freedom from tyranny and unfair taxation without representation. The Civil War lashed out against slavery. My America has seen ups and downs, good times and bad times, war and peace, but it has always stood by its standards. My America had a strategic goal. It has always set the bar high for what is, and what is not, American…and the whole world knows what that means.

My America is not racist. My American is a place built on freedom of religion. My America accepts proud responsibility for the world with compassion and a helpful hand. My America promotes freedom of the press and legal protests. My America is tolerant and patient. My America strives to make the planet, and all who live on it, safe and clean with an eye toward future generations. My America stands for civil rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the poor, the old, and the children. For all of my 60+ years, My America has protected me and made me proud.

These days I do not feel protected, or valued, or heard, and I certainly do not feel proud.

sad-angel-2If it’s okay with the world, I will do everything I can to hold on to My America. I will pray and call upon my higher angels to make us all safe—Americans and the people of the whole world—since we are all feeling this un-American upheaval. I will hold My America in my heart with love and prayerful hopes that My America is still here after the unsettling confusion of the times. I am afraid and I do not want to lose My America.

I also pray that Mr. Trump calls upon his higher angels to see America as a whole and sets his agendas for the many, and not the few. It is, after all, American to do so.

Welcome to ANGEL MOMENTS. My ideas will be here but I really want to hear your thoughts on angels, how they influence your life, and how you experience this amazing blessing.

wings 1

Eighteen-year-old orphan Gracie wants a normal life, but a shocking set of unexpected wings and a deadly war change everything.

THE ORPHANS, book one of The Lost Race trilogy. Coming November 2018!

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