Things With Wings

Sometimes images work better than words, even for us writers. I wanted to play with images and see how it all fits. I’m in a wings kinda mood. Let’s fly.

dovetail-3495224_1920Light as air and delicate, but boy does this thing show it’s yin/yang.

bird-1045954_1920Pretty little thing! I’m totally fascinated with the shape of those delicate wings.

animal-1851644_1920Hey you two! Why can’t we all just be nice? These guys look like they come from a cartoon.

aircraft-1499171_1920Oh! Fun wings. Wouldn’t you just love to be up there?

child-2443969_1920Don’t we all know and love a few of these winged things? The best kind of Fae there is.

cuckoo-wasp-1396643_1920And of course, there are the winged things we don’t like so much at all.

phoenix-2877486_1920There’s always the fiery rebirth of the phoenix to consider. Powerful.

dragon-3462724_1920You had to know I’d drag in the dragon, with those freaky fleshy wings.

hummingbird-2139278_1920Ohhh, tiny, beautiful! Humming a song and being what he is. A spectacular gift of nature.

angel-316352_1280I’m so partial to these kind of wings. Holy. Majestic. Fluttering a breeze everywhere we go.

lucky-pig-1843071_1920Okay, it could happen. Someday. I do like bacon. Speedy pork delivery, anyone?

Things with wings. Now THAT was fun! Did I miss any?

Welcome to ANGEL MOMENTS. My ideas are here, but I really want to hear your thoughts on angels, how they influence your life, and how you experience this amazing blessing.

wings 1

Eighteen-year-old orphan Gracie wants a normal life, but a shocking set of unexpected wings and a deadly war change everything.

THE ORPHANS, book one of The Lost Race trilogy. Coming November 2018!


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